DogBuddy proudly supports the RSPCA

Did you know it costs the RSPCA £624 to rehome a dog? The cost becomes even more astonishing when you consider the RSPCA rescues and rehomes thousands of dogs each year.

That’s why for every first-time UK booking made, DogBuddy will donate £1 to help the RPSCA rehome hundreds of dogs in their care.

We love hearing stories of dogs who’ve been given a second chance to find happiness in a loving home, and you’ll be part of those stories, too - whenever you make a booking.

As well as donating every time you book with DogBuddy, you can also make a donation by hitting the button below.

How have your donations helped to rehome dogs in the UK?


“Your donations help our 17 RSPCA rehoming centres across England and Wales provide important veterinary treatment, toys, training, food, treats and walking leads to give dogs everything they need to rehabilitate smoothly. Through this work we aim to help transform rescued animals into dogs who are ready for rehoming.”

Sally Jones, RSPCA Centre manager, Block Fen

Meet the dogs - RSPCA rehoming stories

Maverick's Story

Maverick the Staffie pup was abandoned in really upsetting circumstances. Luckily, the RPSCA was able to come to his rescue.

Bridie's Story

Bridie was close to death when the RSPCA stepped in. Thanks to their expert care and lots of love, she's now found a new lease of life.

Bruce & Rebel

Two's company and this double adoption story proves the RSPCA never give up to help dogs like Rebel and Bruce find homes.

Why rehoming?

At DogBuddy we believe that every dog deserves a kennel-free life. Rehoming is a wonderful way for abandoned or neglected dogs to experience the love and care that they so desperately need, free from the kennel environment where they often struggle to adapt.

Each year, the RSPCA rescues thousands of dogs whose owners aren’t able to continue caring for them for one reason or another. But the rescue and rehabilitation of a dog is just the beginning - many of these rescue dogs often have to wait a while before they’re finally adopted, and this all adds up - rehoming a dog costs the RSPCA around £624.

Please join us in supporting the amazing work done by the RSPCA to help give abandoned or neglected dogs across the UK a great home - saving them from a life spent in kennels.

For every first booking made with DogBuddy in the UK we’ll donate £1 to the RSPCA to help them rehome hundreds of dogs in their care.

So, when you’re treating your dog to a kennel-free holiday or day away with their DogBuddy sitter, you’ll be helping us find a new home for an RSPCA dog too.

If you’re looking to show your support right now, why not also make a donation below?

DogBuddy will donate £1 to RSPCA Trading Limited for every new booking received. RSPCA Trading pays all its taxable profits to the RSPCA. RSPCA name and logo are trade marks of RSPCA used by Dogbuddy under licence from RSPCA Trading Ltd. RSPCA is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 219099.