Did you know that most insurance policies are not valid if your dog is staying with someone else? In order to ensure the ultimate peace of mind for our Dog Owners, Dog Sitters and dogs we provide complimentary public liability insurance and veterinary coverage, covering all services booked and paid through DogBuddy.com and our support line at the time of the booking.

Important: To ensure the insurance is valid all Dog Owners must complete the dog information section for each dog in the booking prior to the beginning of the service.

Insurance Coverage Details:

Valid for:

- Home Dog Boarding

- Day Care Services

- Walks

- Any service booked and paid through www.dogbuddy.com.

Any claim must be submitted in writing within 3 working days from the end of each service.

Public Liability coverage for Dog Sitters:

  • £ 1,700,000 for damages to third parties caused by the dog for which the dog sitter may be liable.

Public Liability coverage for Dog Owners:

  • £ 1,700,000 for damages to third parties caused by the dog, for which the dog owner may be liable.

Excess: All coverage except veterinary coverage has an excess of £50.

Veterinary coverage:

  • £ 2,000 for veterinary expenses in relation to an injury to the dog during the service.

Coverage does NOT include:

  • Any services provided outside of DogBuddy.com
  • Liability arising out of any products sold or supplied
  • Veterinary conditions, diseases, illness or old age of the dog
  • Breach of professional duty or lack of adequate boarding licence
  • Dog Sitters' properties (including any residents or pets allowed in the premises of the dog sitter)
  • Dog Sitters' medical expenses (include any person related to the dog sitter)
  • Visits prior to the start of the service or after the service ends
  • Accidents while the dog was off the lead in an area where that is not permitted
  • Pregnancy
  • Pathology of Congenital disorder
  • Consequential Damages (non direct) are not guaranteed.

If you have any questions about the insurance coverage you can contact us at help@dogbuddy.com
or calling us at: 0333 344 1993.