In order to ensure the ultimate peace of mind for our owners, sitters and dogs, we provide a dedicated support line, plus complimentary Public Liability Insurance and discretionary veterinary reimbursement for all services booked and paid through

Discretionary Veterinary Reimbursement:

Based on circumstances, reimbursement may be offered towards certain veterinary expenses that might occur during a DogBuddy booking. This extends up to a maximum of £2,000 per dog per booking.

Reimbursement may apply to the following circumstances:

  • Emergency visit(s) to a vet during a DogBuddy booking;
  • One follow-up visit to a vet after the booking (so long as this occurs within 7 days of the initial visit during the booking);
  • Cost of medicine and/or some surgeries performed (if prescribed in the emergency vet visit).

Reimbursement would not be offered in the following circumstances:

  • Rehabilitation treatment or other post-emergency treatment;
  • Treatment(s) for the sitter's own pet(s);
  • Pre-existing conditions, conditions related to pregnancy, conditions caused by old age, or any other diseases that the owner should have their dog vaccinated or protected against;
  • Any incident that might occur during the Meet and Greet;
  • Any dog(s) not part of a booking through DogBuddy.

Please note that any reimbursement is offered entirely at our discretion.

Complimentary Public Liability Insurance

Our complimentary Public Liability insurance provides you with protection against claims for damage to third parties that would occur during a DogBuddy booking (e.g. if the dog has bitten a pedestrian). The policy provides coverage up to a maximum of €2,000,000 (c. £1,750,000).

Excess: this complimentary Public Liability coverage has an excess of €60 (c. £55).

This complimentary insurance DOES NOT COVER the following:

  • Damage to the sitter's (or any person related to the sitter) property;
  • Claims not related to a DogBuddy booking;
  • Claims related to any Meet and Greet;
  • Claims related to any incident where the dog was off the lead in a public space, except in zones where specifically permitted to walk dogs off a lead;
  • The medical expenses of the sitter or anyone related to the sitter;
  • Claims related to any incident outside of the owner and sitter's control (e.g., a natural disaster, terrorist attack, fire, explosion or other accident);
  • Claims related to any incident where the booking is not provided in accordance with applicable regulations or any required licenses;
  • Indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages including but not limited to emotional damage.
  • Dog Sitters' properties (including any residents or pets allowed in the premises of the dog sitter).

Important: DogBuddy must be informed by email ( of any incident within 24 hours of it occurring.

For more details, you can have a look at the corresponding paragraphs of our T&Cs here.